Coming soon to a radio near you!

Listen out to BBC radio Bristol on Tues 11th Oct around 10:45 for a special appearance from Elena Holmes travelling down, to talk all things parenting and adoption plus sneaking in a mention of the book Adoptymum!


Please excuse the screenshot reviews but my little heart is so excited – I can’t wait for formal reviews, I love those from the real heroes – the people who buy the book and love it as much as I do! Xxx


This is what happens when disappointment happens in our house. We shout, hit, scream, destroy things, attack, ask to be adopted to some other family, use swear words, use attitude, accuse, cry, try to leave and generally act like a tornado blaming the world for everything.

She didn’t get a haircut, something she’d been anxious about all week and her bedroom door wasn’t fitted, something she’s been looking forward to for ages

We are completely understanding of issues that life throws in the way but sadly the backlash is so phenomenal that our fragile little hearts break when we know we need to explain another disappointing event.

Sigh. Maybe she will calm down and things will be ok – or maybe it’ll continue for the entire evening until she finally falls asleep!!

**hairdresser if you are reading this, please don’t worry. If it wasn’t the hair cut, it would have been something else, it’s all nerves about the school trip tomorrow!! Sigh. **

Elena xx

Daughter expressing her frustration by scribbling on the dog’s bed. Just another day in the AdoptyHouse!

It’s here!

After some strange technical difficulties I am so Pleased and proud to announce the safe arrival of Adoptymum – A survival guide to life with adopted children!! It came in yesterday afternoon – brightening up my rainy afternoon

The kids were so so excited! I had to get them to go and bounce on the trampoline so that they’d be able to contain their excitement!

They are so proud of me and we even enjoyed a group hug which felt so lovely and long overdue.

We decided to celebrate with pizza as a family, while packing up my books for the wonderful first customers. This in reality was me shopping, cooking and serving pizza while the kids watched tv and I then packed up the books on my own.

Thankfully Adoptydad came along and became my sellotaping hero at the end!

I truly am astounded and overwhelmed by the support and success so far, JK Rowling doesn’t need to worry about her place on the 50 richest authors just yet, but if a few more children and families find life a little easier, due to awareness of adoptyfamily issues and trauma – then this crazy career path deviation will be worth its weight in gold.

Buy your copy now – it’s down there somewhere.

My goal is to get a reprint by Xmas so get your first editions now!!! ?⭐️?



Goodness me, waiting is tricky! Any day now my book will be in the country, ready for me to sell, send out to those keen pre order angels and celebrate with at my launch party. Usually if I only had 5 days to sort everything for a party, I would be stressed and frantic. Instead I find myself nervously checking for Emails from the delivery company and looking over and over at my sales list! Will it be a success? What will happen afterwards? Will I have to give interviews?? So I did the only thing a sensible Adoptymum could do… I went for a Sunday afternoon nap. With my gorgeous dogs tucked up beside me, I wiled away over 2 hours, dreaming of goodness knows what. Back to reality now – clock watching and cake baking. Hope you can stand the wait – it won’t be long now!!! Eeek


For many it’s that special time of the month… PAYDAY! If it’s yours and you’ve been meaning to grab an elena Holmes special signed edition,while it’s free Uk postage – why not go ahead and pop it into your basket. It’ll make you feel wonderful plus put a huge smile on my face!! The books are in Germany – they are almost here!!!!

It’s on its way!!

Fantastic news – the book is on it’s way! It packed it’s bags, hopped aboard a ship? or a plane? (not sure how books travel!) and it is making the journey to merry old England! Posting will start on the day they arrive so watch out for your copy, popping through the letterbox!

And if you haven’t ordered yet – are you crazy? This is going to be THE book of the millennium – so hurry before they all sell out!!

Have a brilliant day, love Elena xxx