Bonfire night – an evening of bangs, fright, upset and noise – and we didn’t even have fireworks

There I was, happily cooking Biggies favourite meal, singing and dancing along to Alexa who had chosen to play me The Best of The Sixties. Calm was all around. Littlie was training the dogs in the garden and Biggie was doing homework on the computer. Or so I thought.

He asked me a question about his game, I answered before realising that he wasn’t doing homework. We had a squabble before I asked him to come off of the computer until I could supervise him closely – logical consequence.

He stormed off annoyed but whatever! I then saw Littlie was no longer training dogs, she was setting up surprises far bigger than her own body in the garden. It seems she was planning a bonfire this evening, underneath a parasol, surround by solar lights, inside our wooden garden furniture.

I broke her heart (her words) by explaining that this surprise was a little big. I showed her how the bonfire in that situation could be dangerous, and the parasol would stop us seeing fireworks. She began to sob because that was what she was most proud of. I then spotted she had tied my expensive and much loved solar globes, on to the solar lights which hang from said parasol. These lights were broken as Littlie had snapped the wires off by tying knots too tightly to ensure the gloves safety.

I sadly then explained I wished she’d told me they were broken and through her sobbing she apologised while berating herself for ruining things. I assured her it was ok and asked her to rehang one of my globes so we could still use it as a light but from it’s usual home.

But yes – you guessed it. Her little mittened hands couldn’t hold it well enough so she dropped it and it smashed into thousands of tiny shards, in the pitch black, on the patio, around on and beneath the furniture where I was unable to find it all.

The sobs increased to wailing.

Then the cherry on the top – she spotted lots of shards had gone all over a mr wriggly worm, possibly slicing him in to multiple pieces as he slinked away from the disaster zone.

Sigh. We’ve not even lit a sparkler, seen a firework, eaten our food or Dad come home yet. Might just do a mr wriggly worm and slink off to the safety of my bed!!

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