This is what happens when disappointment happens in our house. We shout, hit, scream, destroy things, attack, ask to be adopted to some other family, use swear words, use attitude, accuse, cry, try to leave and generally act like a tornado blaming the world for everything.

She didn’t get a haircut, something she’d been anxious about all week and her bedroom door wasn’t fitted, something she’s been looking forward to for ages

We are completely understanding of issues that life throws in the way but sadly the backlash is so phenomenal that our fragile little hearts break when we know we need to explain another disappointing event.

Sigh. Maybe she will calm down and things will be ok – or maybe it’ll continue for the entire evening until she finally falls asleep!!

**hairdresser if you are reading this, please don’t worry. If it wasn’t the hair cut, it would have been something else, it’s all nerves about the school trip tomorrow!! Sigh. **

Elena xx

Daughter expressing her frustration by scribbling on the dog’s bed. Just another day in the AdoptyHouse!

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