It’s here!

After some strange technical difficulties I am so Pleased and proud to announce the safe arrival of Adoptymum – A survival guide to life with adopted children!! It came in yesterday afternoon – brightening up my rainy afternoon

The kids were so so excited! I had to get them to go and bounce on the trampoline so that they’d be able to contain their excitement!

They are so proud of me and we even enjoyed a group hug which felt so lovely and long overdue.

We decided to celebrate with pizza as a family, while packing up my books for the wonderful first customers. This in reality was me shopping, cooking and serving pizza while the kids watched tv and I then packed up the books on my own.

Thankfully Adoptydad came along and became my sellotaping hero at the end!

I truly am astounded and overwhelmed by the support and success so far, JK Rowling doesn’t need to worry about her place on the 50 richest authors just yet, but if a few more children and families find life a little easier, due to awareness of adoptyfamily issues and trauma – then this crazy career path deviation will be worth its weight in gold.

Buy your copy now – it’s down there somewhere.

My goal is to get a reprint by Xmas so get your first editions now!!! ?⭐️?


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