I read it with tears in my eyes whilst also laughing

I have really enjoyed reading your book AdoptyMum.

I read it with tears in my eyes whilst also laughing.  It feels really genuine and the experiences were painted so clearly that it made me really feel part of your AdoptyFamily.  I believe it teaches adoptive parents and any parents for that matter to just accept their children as they are, hoping for the best and trying anything to make them build a more secure, positive relationship.  It also teaches parents to accept that parenting children in a way that meets their needs will not always be seen in a positive light by the others such as friends or other parents but that this is part and parcel of caring for children in a way that promotes their needs rather than pleasing the others.

I believe that anybody who is or has been touched by adoption should read this book as it is refreshing whilst also passing on knowledge and really useful experiences.

Thank you, I personally found it really useful.