I highly recommend this book for adults involved in parenthood.

AdoptyMum is guide on surviving parenthood and raising good kids along the way.

Whilst a true tale of the authors experience of adoption, I related to the many situations in raising my own non-adopted children. Elena Holmes has done a fantastic job in sharing her experiences with honesty and humour, showing how caring for, loving and raising children is mixture of hard work, mess, love, laughs and sometime plain old crazy fun.

Juggling kids, work, school, kids sports, activities, marriage and life can seem hard – and reading this you know that you are not alone, others feel the same joys and stress in trying to manage it all, and it doesn’t always go to plan. I enjoyed the “how to” aspects of the book – practical advice and examples of how the author handled situations with her children’s school, friends, food, behaviour, and some really important areas like trust, respect, boundaries and love.

I highly recommend this book for adults involved in parenthood – adoption, natural, blended, single, mixed, extended… it’s great informative, funny and insightful.