“…this book fits firmly on the shelf for ‘must read’ books about adoption…”

There are many books on adoption for prospective adopters, and this book fits firmly on the shelf for ‘must read’ books about adoption. This adoption story adds an approach that is humorous, hopeful and honest. Elena tracks her journey from first thoughts about adoption through five years and looking forward. As an adoptive parent, I recognised many of her descriptions and feelings, but I wish I had had her sense of humour and energy.

The book follows the journey from the pain of learning about infertility – I was also told to ‘come to terms with my infertility before adopting a child’ – making the adoption application, through to her experiences with other mothers whose conversations centred on child birth and baby stages of development. From school challenges, surviving travelling and holidays to celebrations of progress and developing attachments. Throughout the story, there is clear evidence that Elena has read widely herself, used her training and experience of working with children as a teacher, and opened her heart and mind to new approaches with a discerning streak as to whether these approaches are appropriate for her ‘Adopty’ family.

Throughout the book are tips and points of interest that come from research as well as from her experience. I would love some of these researchers to read this book to see how their expert advice is put into practice. They might find new ideas and enjoy the expressions of hope Elena conveys. It is a book of hope, fun, joy, at times pain and confusion but always bouncing back to hope. It is a book about developing Adopty-Resilience. Something all adopters, friends and family of adopters and school staff need. I have known Elena and her familythrough some of this journey, and thank you Elena for this very readable, enjoyable and personal account of your life as an Adoptyparent.