I don’t know what it is about transitions that are so difficult because, simply, I don’t find them hard! But in my house we have 3 people who can not cope with changes. Adoptydad won’t wear new clothes for ages as they don’t feel as nice and gets a right mardy on if plans change. It just annoys him and it takes a couple hours for him to right himself.

Littlie can not put clothes on. Getting dressed or undressed, either end of the day causes mental breakdowns, tears, anger and destruction. She’d prefer to spend the day in the same old thing or naked and we still can’t get to the root of the issue!

And Biggie – well everything upsets him. School, school holidays, weekends, bedtime – even a tv ending can cause his brain to get chaotic! I dream for the day when we can spontaneously surprise the kids with an activity with out major planning, maps, diagrams and countdowns!

Sigh! Off to begin the end of Xbox transition in to eating tea with your family transition!!

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