Xmas prep

It is so exciting. Songs, making cards, wrapping paper rolls, decorations and jumpers galore! There’s not getting away from it, the festive season will be upon us so very soon and I, for one am extremely excited and looking forward to it.

This was me 6 years ago – Pre adopting kids

It just doesn’t work the same way now we are a family of 4. Yes Xmas is everywhere still – however this causes so much anxiety and excitement, that my kids just fall apart. We can only save them from it in some areas.

No we can not put our tree up yet – it’s November

No we can’t play xmas songs yet – it’s November

Unfortunately, no. You can not open your presents yet -IT’S NOVEMBER!!!

However, no matter the siZe of the mini Xmas tree, the smaller amount of presents and the minimal decorations around the home, due to the nature of schools, they begin rehearsals in October. Card printing companies need the wonderful and unique designs our children produce, by the 3rd of November!!

So every year they become exposed to these lovely ideas earlier and earlier which is too tough for my adoptykids. Anger, tears, illness and tantrums are a regular weekly occurrence now and will continue right the way up till we after the big day. Then the back to school stress will start!

Don’t want to be a grinch but – can we forgo Xmas this year? I’m exhausted already!!

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